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 Ilya Repin

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Alice Cooper with his wife and daughter at home in Los Angeles
Photography by Terry O’Neill
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Ghost World (2001)

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 Joey Ramone and Debbie Harry 
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anonymously tell me your credit card number ill reply with what i bought

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Egon Schiele, Young Man in Purple Robe with Clasping Hands, 1914
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Fashions of the Future as Imagined in 1893

Illustrations from “Future Dictates of Fashion” by W. Cade Gall that was published in the January 1893 issue of The Strand magazine.

At first I thought this was some “fashion of witches and wizards through the ages” type thing but nah everyone is supposed to dress like this. I wish everyone dressed like this. 

nailed it

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"Meanwhile nostalgia in reverse, the longing for yet another strange land, grew especially strong in spring."
- Vladimir Nabokov, from Mary (via talisman)

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Françoise Hardy - Mon amie la rose

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1888 Claude Monet The gulf of Antibes
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